RTT Training

Prior to the meeting I felt that I knew pretty much all there was to know about RTT – boy was I in for a wakeup call – my knowledge was just superficial I realised.

The training, carried out by the most engaging trainer that I have listened to in a while, was detailed, well presented, informative and dare I say it...fun

The 90 minutes flew by and a few of us stayed behind to ask questions that were more related to our local area which was really helpful.

Only down side was no slides – could have done with a copy for future reference.

Would recommend training to all grades and for all levels of “expertise”.

Thank you.
Jacqueline Jackson Divisional Manager Eastman Dental Hospital
Karen Hyde’s RTT Training was engaged in 2015 to help us effect improvements within our NHS Trust. Karen was hard working and professional in her conduct.

Karen worked closely with all staff to identify and implement improvements to our process of patient pathway.

‘Passionate’ is an understatement on how to describe Karen’s approach.

I would highly recommend the service Karen provides to organisations seeking to improve the processes and behaviours currently in place.
Colette Weaffer Divisional Personal Assistant National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery
The session I attended had to be condensed into 1 hour. Nonetheless I found the session informative as an RTT refresher. The presentation style was passionate and the presenter was clearly very experienced demonstrating a comprehensive command of the subject in hand.
Jason Willis General Manager Upper GI Services
The training was an excellent introduction to RTT for those new to the subject as well as a helpful reminder of the nuances and subtleties for those of us who deal with it day-in-day out. It was well paced, well presented and the facilitator was sufficiently knowledgeable about the detail to be able to respond to our specific questions.
Gareth Jones Deputy Divisional Manager The Heart Hospital
The RTT training course has been carefully designed to cater for all staff groups within the organisation, including clinicians, administrators and managers.  The course strikes a careful balance between being practical and informative, whilst sensitive to those who are learning about 18 weeks for the first time. 

Participants left the course with an awareness of how 18 week pathways are managed, the significance of the target to patients and the hospital, as well an appreciation of individual responsibilities. 

As someone who has worked with the 18 week target for a number of years, it was refreshing to test my knowledge alongside those with significant expertise in the field.
Chris Dann General Manager
I was really impressed with the RTT training provided it was clear, easy to understand, honest and very practical for the audience being targeted which ranged from doctors, nursing, administrative staff and managers.  We had time to discuss issues with the trainer who had lots of knowledge and instilled confidence. It was also refreshing to have a training session with no PowerPoint slides too!
Jennifer McCole Divisional Manager