We are pleased to announce that Sheffield Teaching Hospital have renewed their memberships for a second year
Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust purchased over 1200 memberships for the 18week e-learning healthcare training resource in February 2014.

The Trust used the system to undertake an initial assessment of the baseline level of knowledge and understanding of the 18 week patient pathway across relevant staff across the organisation, including clinical staff. Karen Hyde, one of the system developers, was commissioned to oversee this assessment process and the Trust put over 800 staff through formally designated assessment sessions over six days – a significant achievement in its own right.

The feedback from staff using the system was very positive, although with some reservations from some staff regarding the ‘exam’ element.

Training sessions were then put in place, again with Karen commissioned to undertake these. Feedback from these sessions was extremely positive, with staff feeling able to relate to Karen
personally and reporting that they understood 18 weeks for the first time, largely due to Karen’s ability to ‘make it real and understandable’.

The staff were then requested to re-sit their assessment so that the Trust could judge the impact of having access to the training system on the initial baseline results.

At the end of the first assessments, 22 staff had passed their exam.

At the end of the second assessments, this had increased to 724 staff.

Furthermore, access to the system and the process the Trust had gone through, had raised the profile of the need for correct recording of 18 week pathways considerably. A number of natural ‘champions’ had emerged, including clinicians.

The Trust is now in a better position to know what additional training is required for the various staff groups involved in the 18 week patient pathway. There is also more confidence in the data recording associated with this.

The implementation of the 18 week e-learning system at Sheffield Teaching Hospital has been an important element of the evaluation of its 18 weeks position and its future improvement plans.
Kirsten Major Director of Strategy & Operations