This is just a quick note to say thank you to you and for providing classroom based training on the 18 Week RTT national rules and guidelines to members of this Trust. Having passed muster via a taster session to my ‘expert audience’, we agreed to eight days of training sessions to be scheduled throughout July. You were able to give guidance on the best way to implement the training based upon your experience of providing similar training in other Trusts, which was useful as we looked to plan our sessions.

It was clear from the outset that you were not only knowledgeable about the rules but that you were passionate about helping staff to understand better and you delivered the training with this in mind. Verbal feedback following the training was that it had helped understanding of the rules and which RTT status codes to use at the right time. The sessions were attended by a wide cross section of staff including Clinic Clerks, Ward Clerks, Receptionists, Medical Secretaries, Booking Staff, Nursing Staff and Managers. One Medical Secretary had enjoyed the training so much that she felt compelled to email me, stating that the training had been first class and could I please pass this on to Staff who prior to attending the sessions had stated that they didn’t want to attend a course on RTT and couldn’t understand the benefit, commented how you had made it a fun but informative session to aid learning and that they now understood the importance of the subject and how it was relevant to them. They also passed this on to their colleagues and recommended that they attend too! You provided me with valuable and timely feedback regarding attendance, common themes that had come from the staff, areas of concern that we should be aware of and other related matters. This was fantastic feedback as it was a ‘safe’ environment for staff to raise questions and highlight their concerns whilst enabling us to understand and address any issues.

Working with you has been a positive experience for us and you have helped train well over 200 staff, which is excellent.
Roger McBroom Head of Patient Access & Administration