Sandwell – Mark Whitehouse

Sandwell & West Birmingham hospitals NHS Trust started using 18 week e-learning in April this year and have since booked Karen and her team in for 3 full days’ worth of training our administration staff across the trust. There was a total of 139 staff members attend the training across the 3 days Karen provided. The training went really well with many staff who attended the training feeding back how well presented and informal the training went.

Warrington – Tom Coalbran

Warrington and Halton first looked at using the 18 Week eLearning back in July 2015 as part of our Lorenzo deployment. It was clear from the onset that Karen and the team are extremely knowledgeable in the 18 week wait suite of rules.
The presentation, approach and passion displayed by Karen meant that the decision to go with this product was a no brainer.

Having taken this online training approach on board the team have been incredibly impressed with the help and support that was given to help meet our needs. We even have our own bespoke training platform

The website is incredibly helpful, easy to use and has proved to be money well spent. This has helped to increase the RTT awareness within our trust and has reached almost every area.

Considering we went from a handful of people being aware of RTT to now hundreds of staff having awareness, to the point staff ring the RTT team on a daily basis to report issues or to challenge us or question us on specific pathway complexities, often quoting that they have a certificate in RTT!!

I cannot express how much of a difference this has made and has been a big part of the reason why we have been not only able to submit from day one of Go-Live but also to keep achieving the national standard expected of us.

Karen is always happy to take a call or email, has delivered a presentation to our clinical staff as part of their training requirements that was extremely well received and promoted more requests for individual and team workshops. This support continued right up to this present day and I consider Karen not only to be a Mentor but I also now count her as a friend.

I would say to any trust considering this that I would have no hesitation in recommending this product and approach.

We are currently in negotiation to take up another year of this product as we do not want to lose it.

Many Thanks to Karen and the Team.

Hull – Louise Topliss

Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust started using 18 Week eLearning in May 2015 in preparation for going live with a new Patient Administration System in June 2015.  We found Karen and her team to be some of the most helpful and knowledgeable in the area of RTT and they made the registering of our staff and the administration of the system incredibly easy for us.

We have found the eLearning website an immensely helpful tool in increasing the awareness and understanding of RTT throughout our Trust and it has also enabled us to evaluate this understanding and to identify where we most need to focus on providing additional in-house training.

Karen allowed us to use her presentation that was specifically linked to the bespoke RTT eLearning tool that she produced for us and this was invaluable as a support training aid when we carried out face to face training with some of our staff as it enhanced their understanding of RTT and was directly related to the on-line training materials.

We have had a lot of positive feedback from our staff, ranging from clinical and non-clinical, admin and managerial, particularly about the fact that they now have certificates that prove they understand RTT!

We would have no hesitation in recommending this product and we have nothing but praise for the support we have been given by Karen and her team.

SRFT – General

In 2014, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust enlisted the help of Karen and the team at 18WeekeLearning to establish a package for staff both clinical and non-clinical in order to enhance staff knowledge of the 18 weeks RTT pathways and to support improvements in recording RTT pathways appropriately within the Trust.

Following completion of the training modules and as a direct result of commissioning the eLearning package, the exams have now become mandatory for all users who are exposed to RTT within the organisation. This also ensured both standardisation of practice and reliability.

With so many staff changes and with the change in RTT guidance since October 2015, the Trust renewed for a second year.

Once again, Karen and her team helped us through the registration process ensuring that all staff who registered last year were ready to go and for all our newcomers that they had accounts too.

The site has been refreshed, including reflecting changes in the new guidance and now supports comprehensive dashboards and reports which will make a difference when ascertaining competent staff within the organisation.

It has felt this year that the experience has been far less painful for staff and our success rate of staff passing the exams is double that of what it was last year. Staff have not felt it as daunting and we are easily able to pick out our RTT champions looking at the results.

The Trust has welcomed this training as we did struggle to find a definitive place for staff to understand the full impact of RTT and Karen and her team have provided an excellent structured and knowledgeable tool to for us to achieve this.

Thank you Karen!

Derby – Roger McBroom

This is just a quick note to say thank you to you and for providing classroom based training on the 18 Week RTT national rules and guidelines to members of this Trust. Having passed muster via a taster session to my ‘expert audience’, we agreed to eight days of training sessions to be scheduled throughout July. You were able to give guidance on the best way to implement the training based upon your experience of providing similar training in other Trusts, which was useful as we looked to plan our sessions.

It was clear from the outset that you were not only knowledgeable about the rules but that you were passionate about helping staff to understand better and you delivered the training with this in mind. Verbal feedback following the training was that it had helped understanding of the rules and which RTT status codes to use at the right time. The sessions were attended by a wide cross section of staff including Clinic Clerks, Ward Clerks, Receptionists, Medical Secretaries, Booking Staff, Nursing Staff and Managers. One Medical Secretary had enjoyed the training so much that she felt compelled to email me, stating that the training had been first class and could I please pass this on to Staff who prior to attending the sessions had stated that they didn’t want to attend a course on RTT and couldn’t understand the benefit, commented how you had made it a fun but informative session to aid learning and that they now understood the importance of the subject and how it was relevant to them. They also passed this on to their colleagues and recommended that they attend too! You provided me with valuable and timely feedback regarding attendance, common themes that had come from the staff, areas of concern that we should be aware of and other related matters. This was fantastic feedback as it was a ‘safe’ environment for staff to raise questions and highlight their concerns whilst enabling us to understand and address any issues.

Working with you has been a positive experience for us and you have helped train well over 200 staff, which is excellent.