Karen Hyde

Karen has worked in Healthcare for twelve years, five of them within the NHS, she brings a wealth of experience to the organisation encompassing;

  • Management of administration departments including DBS (previously CRB), Occupational Health, Patient Access Admin Staff, Tracking Staff, MDT co-ordinators etc.
  • Interim Management within the NHS (various)
  • NHS Corporate Records Management
  • Setting up a Continuing Healthcare and Funded Nursing Care Service
  • Assistant Director of Community Nursing and Therapy
  • Director of Operations – 18 Weeks Compliance/Cancer Compliance
  • Patient Access Manager – Leading and training on 18 Week RTT
  • Management of – Referrals/Outpatient/Inpatient bookings, 18 Week Tracking Team, Data Cleanse Team and Data Quality Team
  • Policy Management
  • Project Management
  • Centralisation of Patient Booking

Karen has led a major Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust to attain 18 Week RTT by;

  • Managing a large data cleanse project of over 494,000 open patient records
  • Leading weekly PTL meetings discussing patient level details
  • Scrutinising open patient records to ensure compliance
  • Training administration and clinical staff on 18 Week RTT

Karen is extremely enthusiastic about customer service and ensuring the delivery of a high level patient experience and believes in what the NHS stands for.
In her spare time she enjoys travel and has been lucky to have travelled to many and varied places, shopping and cooking.